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Applying Deep Neural Networks to Real-World Problems

Silicon Design

ComplexIQ is a preeminate provider of high-quality hardware and firmware designs to the largest semiconductor manufacturers across the globe.

We can provide hardware designs in a variety of forms, from Rapid prototyping in Altera/Xilinx FPGAs to full Verilog RTL for custom silicon designs.

  • Designs in Silicon
  • Designs in FPGAs
  • Wired/Wireless Neworking
  • Deep Neural Networks

Silicon Design-Networking over Coax

Bulletproof your next WiFi mesh or WiFi/DOCSIS Gateway System-On-Chip design with ComplexIQ's proven Verilog RTL and C Firmware.

Studies have shown that using MoCA as a backbone for whole home networking maximizes overall network performance, and clearly outperforms WiFi mesh in providing multiple high-bandwidth streams.

ComplexIQ has design options for a wide range of performance goals from MoCA 2.0 (500 Mbps) up to MoCA 3.0 (10 Gbps). 

ComplexIQ has been a valued contributor and member to the MoCA Standards development process since 2006. We are a proven leader in developing new, high throughput (up to 10Gbps) RF standards for networking over coax.

Deep Neural Networks

ComplexIQ has a long and deep history in the diverse fields of image, signal, and parallel processing; 3D computer graphics; video/data compression; wired/wireless communications technology; and the implementation of these technologies in silicon.

This diverse background gives us an understanding of how to apply, build, and deploy Deep Neural Networks in creative and unique ways.   

Tell us about your difficult problem and let us show you how to solve it with a custom DNN from ComplexIQ.

Deep Neural Networks-
Coax AI Detective
(Coax AID)

ComplexIQ is helping top-tier cable service providers see light at the end of the tunnel by examining their cable network in ways they never imagined.

Using metadata from MoCA/DOCSIS enabled set tops, gateways and WiFi access points in their network, ComplexIQ is able to remotely discern critical, previously unavailable information about the physical cable connections and splitter/amplifier devices in millions of homes using a neural network customized to each customer's specific network and desired results.

About ComplexIQ

ComplexIQ was founded in 2011 by a world-renown group of Silicon-On-Chip hardware and software engineers from Cisco Systems.
If you are familiar with MoCA TCP/IP over coax cable technology used in networking and video devices provided by companies like Comcast, Cox, DirecTV and others, you probably already know ComplexIQ.
Our MoCA coax network designs have shipped in more than 50 Million products!

Since 2016, ComplexIQ has been applying that knowlege and expertise to develop products using machine learning/AI/Deep Neural Network techniques. Our initial AI applications are designed for Internet/Video service providers, giving them access to information about their networks that was previously unavailable to them.

We can implement trained neural networks in hardware targeted to FPGAs or your custom silicon design. Talk to us about your application today!


Jeff Ford

Founder and CEO

Jeff Ford is the founder and CEO of ComplexIQ. He has held many engineering and technical leadership positions in all aspects of electronic product design, including Prinicipal Engineer and head of the custom semiconductor development team for Cisco Systems’ Service Provider Technology Group. With strategic vision, he has served as lead architect for innovative and successful products in image processing, high-resolution stereo film workstations, computer graphics content creation, video compression, set-top box/DOCSIS gateway silicon, and MoCA home networking intellectual property. He holds 15 patents with two patents pending.

Al Garrett

Principal Engineer

Al Garrett heads ComplexIQ’s product design team. With over 20 years of engineering experience in the specification and design of RF digital signal processing chains for wired and wireless networking systems including WiFi, DOCSIS and MoCA, he was a key engineer in the semiconductor team at Cisco Systems led by Jeff Ford. At ComplexIQ he has led the design team in producing successful products for MoCA TCP/IP over coax cable, and since 2016 he has led ComplexIQ in developing hardware and software products using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. He holds 10 patents with two patents pending.

Donna Somma

General Counsel and Director of Business Development

Donna Somma is a business executive, lawyer, and educator with over 25+ years of global C-level experience and operational success in in strategic planning and business development. She joined ComplexIQ having worked with Jeff Ford at Cisco Systems. As a lawyer she has done extensive work in IP commercialization, mergers and acquisitions, complex transactions, finance, securities law and corporate governance. The positions she has held include general counsel, vice president of business affairs, chief ethics officer, corporate counsel and corporate secretary.

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